Slow Cooker Steak + Microwaved Veggies?

Recently made this recipe for some Chipotle Barbarcoa Tacos with a few alterations, which were pretty good. I tried them with this tortilla recipe, but truth be told I wasn’t sold on these tortillas. They were easy and used foods we had on hand, but they didn’t really satisfy like a tortilla. I’m thinking about carrying some non-gluten but grain-based items around in the apartment. I know it’s not ideal, but neither is me giving up and buying a bunch of gluten-filled take out.

Anyway today my partner in crime is playing poker and I’m left to fend for myself food wise. I was tempted to go out or do take out–but I resisted! Which is great, as this is definitely my weakness these days. I plopped some leftovers with cilantro and red onions into a pan with some coconut oil like so:

Chipotle Barbacoa +cilantro and red onions

Then I microwaved some veggies (I <3 Steamfresh veggies, I really hope they don’t give me cancer someday) and threw em in a bowl with the steak/cilantro/onions on top. Easy, quick, and not too bad tasting.

Steamfresh and pulled steak

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